L’Ovile is a social cooperative established in Reggio Emilia (Emilia-Romagna Region, Italy) in 1993, with the aim to promote the inclusion of disadvantaged people, who live difficult situation from a social and economic point of view.


Penitenciarul Bistrita

Established in 1st May 1991, Bistrita Penitentiary is a public institution that is part of the defense system, public order and national security of the state.


You in Europe

You in Europe is a NGO based in Greece. “You in Europe” is a space for everyone who loves living through learning… and vice versa.


Asociación NOESSO (No Estás Sólo)

Noesso is a non-profit NGO based in Almería since 1990, working in three different areas: drug-addicts attention and treatment, child with behaviour problems intervention and social inclusion of people in risk of social exclusion.


Associacao Sapana is a Portuguese NGO, founded in 2012. Since then, it has been working both at national and international level with a tripartite methodology that lies on the complementarities of two lines of action: AWAKENING of consciousness and EMPOWERMENT for change.