SAPANA presented the EDUCATE program at an Ignite event entitled “From Reclusion to Inclusion” organized by Prison Circle, is a group of Portuguese organizations that work in prisons and come together: to share the work which each one does within prisons; to identify new needs and define a joint program.

This event took place on May 25, 2017, in an informal environment. Organizations presented their work in prisons and SAPANA presented Breaking Bars project, as well as the EDUCATE program.

After participating in the 3 training meetings in Italy, Romania and Spain, SAPANA has produced a document with information on the results of these meetings, good practices in other countries, differences and similarities, comparisons and a proposal with which it can be adapted and implemented in Portugal.

This document was shared with the contact persons of the Directorate General for Reintegration and Prison Services, the Ministry of Justice, Caxias – Lisbon Penitentiary, that is the prison where SAPANA is currently involved and with partner organizations such as NGOs, companies.

In the last months of the project, SAPANA translated the final outputs of the project into Portuguese in order to facilitate the dissemination of results among all partners working in prisons and social reintegration, such as some NGOs, the prisons where it works and the General Directorate of Social Reintegration and Prison Services.
Sapana is planning an event at the Caxias Prison, with the aim of disseminating the final document and the results to the various stakeholders working in the area.